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The most important foundations for national security and grand strategy are found in the study of international relations and security studies.  These fields provide a variety of models and perspectives to analyze the most important challenges in international politics – which will help you understand the dynamics with a greater deal of strategic context than what is found in daily news stories.  These works deal not only with what is happening, but why it is occurring.

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Each year, there are dozens of books published on these subjects. For security professionals, keeping up with the pace of new publishing is challenging – let alone leave time to explore or revisit the long list of older, but highly influential works. This site provides a solution that helps bridge the theory/practice divide that has plagued security studies.  It helps you quickly grasp the most critical aspects of works you are interested in, while exposing you to a range of books you soon will be!


with security professionals and scholars.

While the summaries provide the entry point for exploring these critical topics, participation in the member forum allows you to benefit from the insight and perspectives of other subscribers. The Strategy Connections Forum uses the latest in mobile-friendly software. Engage in discussion on the books, nominate your own topics, and set up email updates for discussion threads you track.

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Strategy Connections is building a network of subscribers across academia as well as government agencies such as the Department of Defense, Department of State, a range of intelligence agencies, and others.  For government clients: we are a small business eager to bring value to your organization.  Please contact us to learn how.

Department of Defense

Let us provide your organization the tools it needs to improve its strategic acumen.  This service can be used to support a culture of learning, a Professional Military Education institution's syllabus, as well as topic-specific deep-dives.  A capabilities white paper is available upon request.  Learn more about our group subscriptions.

Other Government Agencies

We provide a range of summaries relevant for principals and staffers in any national security-related organization - to include Congressional Offices, Homeland Security, State Department, and intelligence agencies.  This service is flexible enough to support not only your members' personal development, but also your organizational development.   Learn more about our group subscriptions.

Academic Institutions

As a scholar or student in these fields, you have a wide range of topics to review and explore. Let us help you cover more ground, and give you the opportunity to engage with practitioners in the field (as well as other scholars) in the member forum.  Click here to view special academic pricing (requires a valid email affiliated with an educational institution).